In addition to your advertising options inside the aircraft cabin, Lasker Cross-Media offers additional, exclusive ways to reach the passengers. Support and accompany your campaign on board by advertising on “Homeprint” or “Check-In counter” boarding passes, inserates in onboard magazines or product sampling actions during the flight.

Check In counter boarding pass branding

The boarding passes issued at check-in includes departure gate and time information. With the branding of the boarding card front, you will achieve a first-class positioning. Also use the back of the tear-off section for your advertising message. This ad-space is ideal for sweepstakes or coupon promotions. Remember that the coupon is outstandingly usable, because the passenger keeps this part of the boarding pass even after the flight! Use the back over the entire surface as an eye-catcher for your advertising message.

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"Print at Home" boarding pass branding

A continuously increasing number of passengers take advantage of the option of online check-in and print out their own boarding pass at home, prior to the flight.
Your banner is placed on the homeprint boarding pass right under the most important flight information and appears to the passenger several times when checking their flight data: shortly after printing the card, at the airport and during boarding.

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Onboard magazine

With advertising inserts in on-board magazines  of our partner airlines you can reach the passengers at an excellent time. During the flight, they have the time and leisure to read the magazine undisturbed.
Business travelers are relaxed and not distracted by day-to-day business, while leisure travelers are in a positive mood and thus receptive to advertising.

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Sampling during the flight

Your flyer or product sample gets the passengers attention, as passengers have plenty of time during the flight to receive your message in a relaxed atmosphere.

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