With cabin branding in commercial aircraft, advertisers can reach their potential customers for the first time without massive interference from external disruptive factors.

Potential customers are exposed to all advertising messages in the aircraft cabin for an average of 1.5 hours. Thanks to the long stay in a trouble-free environment, cabin branding is one of the most effective forms of advertising. A recall rate of more than 80 percent and an increase in the purchase intent of 35 percent compared to other advertising measures speak for themselves.

Tray table branding

Advertise where ad impression gets lost – on our EASA-certified aircraft tray table .
Due to the incomparable contact intensity and a high acceptance among the passengers, this medium is very effective in its advertising effect. With up to several hours of display time this worldwide unique form of advertising media can reach top values.
Bring the attention you’ve always wanted to your advertising with this ideal advertising medium. Link your tray table branding to a digital inflight advertisement within the aircrafts WIFI IFE system and generate leads directly from the aircraft cabin.

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Overhead bin branding

Branding the overhead bin doors of an aircraft facilitates a particuöarly extremely appealing advertising. These graphics can be installed diverse arrangements within the entire passenger cabin. The branded overhead bin doors are visible throughout the flight and offer advertisers plenty of space for their advertising creativity.

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Aircraft exterior branding

You have the choice between a partial and a full livery of the aircraft. There are hardly any limits to your design. We are happy to advise you on the individual design of your flying brand-ambassador.

Benefit from millions of visual contacts on more than 200 destinations throughout Europe, as well as on some intercontinental routes. Secure the integration of “your” branded airplane in your internal and external communication, eg in the form of sweepstakes, PR campaigns, incentive trips, etc. Charter your “company-branded” aircraft for important business events or use it for media-effective events such as the airplane unveiling ceremony.

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Available Airlines for Aircraft Branding

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