While the access to broadband Internet became a daily standard for many people worldwide, digitization is only just beginning to make its breakthrough in the passenger cabins of commercial aircraft (and other public transport). Entertainment and connectivity solutions based on satellite technology or air-to-ground systems will rapidly change the media usage behavior in airplanes. Similar developments are taking place in other modes of public transport (rail, long-distance buses), leading us to talk about “in-transit media”.

More and more airlines, bus and rail companies are currently offering on short- and medium-haul in-flight entertainment via WIFI streaming  on the passenger’s own device, with or without internet connection. The passenger connects his smartphone, tablet or laptop to the WIFI network onboard the public transport and can browse a variety of digital content on his device during the journey. This content includes HTML games, movies, video clips and TV series, destination and itinerary information, and the ability to integrate microshops. The upgrade of the public transportation with modern WIFI streaming systems opens the gate for advertisers to digital advertisement in the passenger cabin.

The attractiveness of the travelers’ target group is characterized by time, attention and money in addition to the most important reasons of a trip: business, visiting friends, relatives and events , citytrips and of course holidays – all very positive travel reasons.

Take advantage now of the opportunity to reach this target group with your advertising message in a relaxed travel situation.

WIFI IFE Microshop Integration

Present your products in your own microshop and reach the passenger at the “point of need”: Travelers are given the opportunity to purchase our products and services while on board. Depending on the connectivity status of the aircraft, the transaction data will be sent immediately or immediately upon arrival at the destination. Voucher codes and coupons can be integrated. The design of the Microshop can be done by you, alternatively we make you a competitive offer.

We will advise you personally!

Banner Ads are provided with a hyperlink that leads to the corresponding page of the advertiser on the web and to the online store. Passengers can shop quickly and easily with a few simple clicks on board.

Available airlines for digital advertising during the flight

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