LXM – a full APEX member since January 2018 – is expanding its content portfolio to include a large collection of premium, casual and VR games – targeted at all ages, languages and cultures.
Gladi8tor is both a gaming platform and a new revenue generator for airlines implementing new ways of advertising. Offering the latest 500+ premium games, streams, news and league play.
Gladi8tor is running on any IFEC system – both embedded seatback systems and PED based solutions, in a connected or non-connected environment. It is easy to deploy and can be fully branded in the airline’s CI.
Players can set up accounts (cross-platform, cross-device, profile storage) and game data storage is enabled (per title, per player, shared session state). Needless to say, multiplayer gaming is an integral part of the offering.
The platform comes with an embedded ad server that allows for display advertising, in-game advertising and messaging. The ad server is an industry solution that enables a seamless integration of all creatives. Analytics and advertising KPIs are provided in real-time (near real-time for disconnected aircraft), with direct data access possible to relevant stakeholders, like the advertiser or media agency direct.
Gladi8tor has contracted with leading game developers to have them provide their content exclusively through Gladi8tor and LXM to the global airline and IFE industry. A continuously growing number of game developers is using Gladi8tor to launch their games for IFEC systems – so there is always new content available.
Game streams from the latest hot matches of the professional e-sports scene are also modularly provided – connect with Gladi8tor to see the tournaments live or recorded. Through the Gladi8tor Inflight League, player ranking per game is enabled – best players can be awarded, e.g. using incentivation selected by the airline, which might also be connected to the passenger’s status with the respective airline.
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Press release
Gaming, being one of the top content assets in airline IFE systems next to movies, has in our perception been largely neglected in the industry. LXM and Gladi8tor are teaming up to provide airlines and passengers alike with the best in breed solution to take inflight gaming to the next level!
About Lasker Cross Media:
Founded by former senior airline and long-time travel industry managers, LXM is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of the airline, advertising, media, IFEC and content industries. LXM has evolved into a specialist in IFEC platform monetization, with a focus on PED based solutions: sourcing digital advertising, setting up the infrastructure for advertising automation to enable IFEC platforms to more seamlessly adapt to advertising industry standards and processes and provision of content assets with content that enhances the passenger’s inflight experience and simultaneously serves as an advertising vehicle (e.g. games with embedded ad server).
Additional monetization can occur through retail partner integrations, e.g. whitelisting in case of broadband connectivity with an integrated advertising funnel and connectivity sponsorship models, where advertisers prominently display their brand when passengers access the IFEC platform and offer limited free access to broadband internet to all passengers.
About Gladi8tor:
Ever since gaming became part of the inflight entertainment package of airlines, its development has been somewhat neglected compared to movies, series and music on demand. We wanted to change that, with a richer, more interactive and more exciting experience.
Founded by aviation and gaming pro’s, Gladiator’s inflight gaming platform was specifically developed with the airline industry’s unique dynamics and challenges in mind.
By using blockchain technology combined with innovative advertising solutions, Games, Streams and Virtual Reality, Gladi8tor creates new revenue streams for the airline industry.
With Gladi8tor, inflight gaming is finally growing up.”
Vienna, 02.10.2018

Download press release here: Press release LXM-GLADI8TOR EXCLUSIVE COOPERATION_10.2018