Today’s cost-conscious airlines, government/defence departments & business jet operators are able to save money & even save careers with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) & conventional devices, such as; Android/Apple tablet, laptop/desktop computer and even mobile phones, for interactive aviation training designed for; cabin crew, ground staff & pilots.


A very effective area to apply VR, is in Cabin Crew training. Why?


Using VR/AR, as well as conventional devices, such as Android/Apple tablet, laptop/desktop computer and even mobile phone devices, operators using training developed by Avietra & integrated by Xflash Systems are able to reduce, or even eliminate the need for physical aircraft mockups for a number of training scenarios, including:

Emergency Evacuations; These scenarios reproduce those aspects of an emergency that cannot be simulated in the real-world, for example; a crowd of passengers during a fire. In this way, the trainee can practice tasks such as crowd control in the evacuation and become familiar with stressful situations, with feedback generated on their performance

Door Operations; All arming/disarming, opening/closing procedures in different environments (airport, ditching at sea, emergency landing in open field) and the possible faults (slide not deploying, not inflating, power assist failure…)

Fire Extinguishing; Familiarization with the equipment (gloves, mask, types of extinguisher), and application to different scenarios such as; galley, lavatory, passenger PED)

Cabin Familiarization; This can introduce the trainee to all the basic required knowledge regarding location and purpose of the different parts such as: exits, stowage compartments, passenger seat (movement of various parts: tray table, reclining, armrest), jump seat (movable sitting, compartment), Handset, Food Trolley/cart, Oxygen Cylinder and Mask, Crash Axe, Emergency Medical Kit (EMK), Flashlight, Adult Life Vest, Fire Extinguisher (Halon), Fire Extinguisher (Water), Megaphone, Gloves, Smoke hood, Lavatory

Galley Familiarization; This can introduce the trainee to the basic required knowledge regarding Galley parts (Oven, Beverage Maker, Galley Container…) and their purpose

Unruly Passenger; this is to familiarize the trainee with what to say to an unruly passenger, based on scripts chosen by your airline in which at every step, the trainee can choose among a set of different responses and see the reactions of the passenger

Security Search; Inspecting the cabin, looking for suspicious items

Pre-boarding and Pre-Flight Cabin Checks; getting the aircraft ready to receive passengers

Please note: we would recommend your airline choose only one or two of the above as a first project, to introduce VR gradually for some tasks, and later refine and extend to other tasks). Xflash / Avietra assist you with integrating this training into your current operation, as well as assist & help obtain the necessary EASA/FAA/other regulatory approvals.

Now Available for Nearly Any Device; while full immersion in VR often gets faster results, we know many airlines desire results for larger classes & training that staff can take home with them. Many modules we offer are also available on conventional devices such as; Android/Apple tablet, laptop/desktop computer and even mobile phones.

See below a VR training video for cabin crew

Cabin Crew VR Training

by Okt 17, 2019

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