When it comes to training ground personnel, cost-conscious airports, airlines, government/defence departments & more are able to save money & even save careers with Virtual Reality (VR) aviation training, for; airside ramp/apron staff, terminal personnel & beyond.

Using VR training from LAsker Cross Media  & our developer partners; airlines, airports, training facilities & more are able to reduce or even eliminate the need for physical aircraft mockups & develop a number of training scenarios. These help save money & reduce injuries on the ground.

VR training can be tailored & produced in almost any language. Here’s a selection of videos for our international operators, which help illustrate how VR training can be used to help prepare airside staff for the challenges of ramp operations, in a number of global regions.


Ground Training Module Descriptions (additional modules are available & can be custom-created)

Airside Driver Training: These scenarios help drivers prepare for almost any eventuality they will experience while driving on the apron. Includes emergency response, vehicle malfunction & several other aspects of ramp ops

Baggage Operations: Familiarization with the equipment, controls, operations & more. Application of different scenarios, including; onload, offload, skills-test & malfunctions)

Pushback Operations: Connecting vehicle to towbar, preparing for pushback with aircraft pre-push inspection, malfunctions, rapid-stop, turning pushback, towing & more

Water Service Vehicles: water service, both potable water & “black water” (lavs) are critical service items. Ensure your people are trained & tested to the latest standards, with VR to help them prepare for normal operations, malfunctions, leaks & unexpected events

High-lifter Operations: Each year, airlines suffer from needless damage from high-lifter operator errors. Using VR prevents damage, reduces downtime & can even save the lives of ground staff in & around the aircraft

Catering Truck Operations: Thousands of catering trucks are in close proximity to aircraft at all hours of the day. One mistake can be devastating to on-time, safe operations. Using VR helps safety & efficiency by preparing drivers & vehicle marshallers for these challenging airside operations

Boarding Bridge Operations: Damage to an aircraft is quite common, when the bridge is not positioned correctly. Ground staff need to be properly trained & able to practice boarding bridge operations as many times as they need. Now they can, cheaply & effectively with VR

And many more modules are available…

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See below some of our VR training for airside ground staff videos

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